Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring is in the Air

This is a little late in coming, but we had our annual St. Patrick's Day celebration on Tuesday. Some may call it a "B" holiday, but just because there isn't an ounce of Irish blood in the lot of us doesn't mean we can't have a little fun every 17th of March. My mom and Krissy made the delicious food - yes, corned beef can be delicious. Everything and everybody were decked out in green. The kids participated in the annual scavenger hunt for the pot of gold. June thinks she is a big kid so of course she was right in the thick of it. It was a pretty nice day too, so June also got to test out the trampoline with the kids. She did great, and loved being included as one of the big kids.
Spring has sprung in this part of the country, or at least it has been nice for a few days. Even though the temperature was only in the upper 60's to low 70's it felt like summer for us Idaho kids that have been wading through 30 degree weather for months on end now. I am closing in on being 6 months pregnant and I am definitely showing my growing boy off. I swear that a month ago I still looked somewhat normal, but it is amazing what 4 weeks can do. Y'all probably thought I was kidding when I said I would look like a planet by this summer, the proof is right in front of your eyes now!!!

When Sean was taking my picture June thought she needed to pose for one as well. This is usually the face I get when I ask her to smile. What a goofy girl!