Saturday, February 27, 2010

So Big

Sean is missing his kids and has requested an update, so this is for our favorite Daddy. June is my big girl, and tells me so all the time. She likes me to list off all of her friends, to tell me who is a boy and who is a girl, and to sing "speckled frogs" with her. We are working on learning all of the ABC's, and she is very good at counting. Mostly she likes helping me take care of Jack.

You may think hell has frozen over Sean, but yes that is me sitting behind a sewing machine. We visited Grandma Moulton one day and she helped me learn how. I suppose now I have no excuse to not use my own sewing machine that I have had for several years now.

My Jack is learning new tricks left and right. He claps, waves (sometimes), crawls, and pulls himself up to things whenever possible. I feel like he too is turning into a big kid - my sweet baby boy is growing up. He is the cutest boy in the world and I love him absolutely to pieces.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Come Fly With Me

The Past week has been a busy one for the Marshall's. Usually we are pretty laid back, but last week was very eventful. To start off, my dear brother Stuart brought his girlfriend Kathryn home to meet us. She was so sweet and I very much enjoyed being around her. Hopefully we will be seeing lots more of her in the future! Saturday morning my in-laws came and picked me and my kids up and we started on our journey down to visit Sean. We drove to SLC, and from there we flew to El Paso, TX. Upon arrival we rented a van and drove 3 hours north up to Artesia, NM. It was a huge travel day - especially for my little ones, but they were troopers and were exceptionally good. June loved the airplane ride, and told me we were flying just like Peter Pan. Last month I made this trip all by myself with Jack in arms. I was so grateful to have my in-laws to help me along the way this time. Sean was thrilled that we made it, and we were happy to see him again too. We stayed at a hotel in town and got to go swimming. It was my Jack's first time in the pool, and he absolutely loved it!
June just couldn't get enough of her Daddy. It had been 12 long weeks since they had seen each other, and it was so cute to watch them together. Usually she wants me to do everything for her, but once she was with Sean only he could help her.

On Sunday we had a little Super Bowl Party in the hotel room after church. It was fun, even though Peyton Manning lost.

On Monday Sean had to work all day, so we drove up to Roswell for a visit. Kim and Julie found out about a free Zoo, so we took the kids there. There was also a playground just outside the zoo, and June loved running around on it.

Tuesday was Sean's graduation day. I had never seen him in his uniform before, and I must admit - I like a man in a uniform! Jack was a bit of a pill during the ceremony, but we made it through.

There were 27 of them that graduated out of the 43 that started. I am so proud of Sean for accomplishing this goal.

Kim got to pin Sean's badge on him because he also works in law enforcement, which I thought was very nice.

After the ceremony was over we got to go down and take pictures. It was a great day, and now Sean is officially a Border Patrol Agent. He has to stay at the academy for another 8 weeks to learn Spanish, so sadly we had to leave him in Artesia. I'm sure April will come quickly and then we will get to be a normal family again. Until then the kids and I are happy living with grandma, grandpa, and Rose.