Saturday, June 12, 2010


I turned 26 today. I really loved being 25, but I think I'm going to like 26 just as much. Here's to being one year older and wiser too! Thanks to all of my family and friends who wished me happy birthday, it made my day.
I just can't leave out my kids, so here they are playing together on the step stool. Jack loves to climb up on top of it, and June doesn't like to miss out on the fun.

June giving her best brother a love!

Monday, June 7, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend!

On June 4th my brother Stuart got married!!!! It was such a great day and I was thrilled to be a part of it. It really was a beautiful wedding. Kathryn and her mom had everything planned out and all of the details were incredible. I mean, who doesn't love Shirley temples served to you with a cotton candy stick in them!

The wedding took place in Los Angeles and the reception was in Camarillo (Kathryn's home town). My kids and I arrived on Wednesday and got to meet all of Kathryn's family that evening over at her house. All of the Henderson's were so inviting and nice and we all felt very welcome. On Thursday there was a pre-wedding barbecue at the Henderson's. Lots of our extended family were able to come to that and it was fun to see them again. Friday was the wedding and it was just a beautiful day all around. Here are Stuart and Kathryn coming out of the LA temple. Don't they look happy!
Rose and I were 2 of 8 bridesmaids. We got to wear pretty pink dresses and pink shoes to match. I just love this pic of us - too bad we are missing our brother Preston.

Sean luckily got to be there too!!! He was a groomsman and looked very dashing in his tux.

June's dress was adorable. She and Kathryn's cute niece Ella wore matching dresses, ballerina slippers, and flower halos. They looked pretty sweet.

I made Jack a pink tie for the wedding. Here my handsome men are at the reception.

The reception was very elegant. We got to sit up at the head table with the bride and groom.

It was an amazing party and one of the best parts was the dancing at the end. So many people came out to the dance floor to have a good time. My cousins, aunts, parents, friends, and I really cut a rug!!!! June wouldn't stay with the babysitter, so she even got in on all of the fun. It was just a lovely event and I was just so happy for my brother. I love him so much and I am glad Kathryn is now part of our family!

The day after the wedding we went to the beach in Malibu. We had a good time. Here is Rose and me. I just hate that you can totally tell she is taller than me!

This was just a good shot of June and Rose. It was such a fun trip to California!