Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Took the kids to get their picture taken today. I must say, my kids are adorable! We didn't get any good ones of the two of them together, but individually it was hard for me to choose. Here are a few.

Monday, July 5, 2010

So Much To Celebrate

There has been a lot to celebrate in our family the last few days. My brothers "Newlywed Celebration" took place on July 2nd and it was a fabulous event. Ever since my kids and I got to Idaho we have been preparing for this party. It took place out at my mom and dad's house, and everything looked great outside and in. We are blessed to have extremely talented family members who helped make the event the success it was - from the food prep, and cake making, to the decorations and flowers. There was tasty pulled pork sandwiches, spinach and shrimp salads, root beer, lemonade, and cupcakes to eat. A program with singing, a silly poem for the newlyweds, remarks from all of the wedding party, and a firework show to cap the evening off. It was a great party to say the least.

Here is the dessert table

My Dad giving Stuart and Kathryn a gift.

It just so happened to be Kathryn's 20th birthday as well, so there was a birthday cake and presents just for her. (my cousins Kate and Sarah made this cake!)

These are the tables getting set up on the lawn. The center pieces were created by my Aunt Jill and they were made out of watermelon, all kids of fruit, and flowers. Very creative and cute!

Here is my skinny mama setting up the buffet. It all looked so pretty.

On Saturday morning we put on the first "Showdown at Sundown." It was a biathelon - 3.2 mile run, and a 12.5 mile bike. It was a fun thing to do instead of going to the parade (which is a little boring). The participants were my mom and dad, Rose, June, Jack, Kathryn's parents Rex and Pam, and her brother Andrew. I was the only one who chose to do both the run and the bike parts of the race and here I am at the finish line!

Andrew is a track star and would have beat me at the run part of the race, but he took a wrong turn on the course. Here we both are hoisting our major award.

This is all of the participants except my dad who was taking the picture.

After the race we headed over to the Smith's for the annual 4th of July BBQ. This year Curtis built a pizza oven (look in the background of the pic) so we had fresh baked pizza! It was very delicious.

This is Krissy and her sister making the pizza's. So fun.

After that we headed up to the Valley for my cousin Isabella's baptisms. It was the perfect little baptism, and I'm just sorry I didn't take any pictures. Then is was back to Idaho Falls to get ready for the fireworks. We walked from my dad's office to our usual spot. Watching all of the crazy people around the greenbelt was interesting and entertaining. The fireworks were phenomenal as always. Both my kids were enthralled - especially Jack - and that is pretty impressive for a one year old.
Sunday was the actual 4th of July, but all of the festivities were the day prior. Except for my little boys 1st birthday. Jack's actual birthday is the 3rd, but I didn't think he would mind if we celebrated a day later. Jack has brought me nothing but joy since he came into this world. I remember being on such an adrenalin high when he was born. I was just so excited to get him here. He is my man and I love him endlessly. He says mom-mom-mom, da-da-da, ball, and no-no. He is working on walking - he will take several steps before he falls. He loves to read books, climb on anything, and play with his sister. He loves his mom the best and that just makes my heart melt. He got a dump truck for his birthday and we put his birthday cake in the bed of the truck. It was a chocolate cake decorated with chocolate frosting and crushed up oreo's so it looked like he had a load of dirt in the truck! Here he is blowing out the candle with June.

Rose, June, me, and the birthday boy with all his presents

Happy Birthday Jack Man!!!