Thursday, October 23, 2008

Family Pictures

We had our family pictures taken recently, and I think they turned out pretty good. She took so many and it is hard to decide which ones I am going to get. These were some of my favorites.

I am most likely biased, but I have the most beautiful one year old in the world.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


My baby sister celebrated her 13th birthday yesterday. I can't believe she is a teenager now!!!! I remember the day she was born, and it doesn't seem like it was that long ago. We went over last night for a family party, and Rose is going to have her friend party on Saturday. My sister is fast approaching the day when she will be taller than me. Although, as you can see in the picture, I still have her by a little bit. Rose is such a sweetheart, and the best sister I could ever ask for. I love her so much! I loved this shot of her celebrating after she blew out all of her candles.
June enjoyed licking her plate, and hamming it up for her audience. She loves it when all the attention is on her.
Happy Birthday my sweet Rose, we love you to pieces!!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pony Tails At Last

I know it isn't fancy, or even very good, but I put pony tails in June's hair!!!! It was a very exciting moment for me I must admit. I have been waiting for June's hair to get long enough and the time has finally arrived. My lovely and talented sister-in-law, Katie, showed me how to do it. The picture below is my first solo attempt. I am hoping to get more advanced in the future, but for now I am very proud of my new skill. On a totally different note, it has turned into winter here. It SNOWED quite a bit over the weekend. I had to get June's new coat out so she wouldn't freeze. She is my little pink Eskimo!
This next picture is pretty random, but I think it shows our true character. This is me and June "shadow dancing." The sun was setting and in a perfect spot to cast our shadows against the garage. I thought it looked cool.
And finally, we have 4 kitten's that live outside our house. I am not a cat person, but who doesn't like kittens? June adores these kitty's and likes to hold them like they are her babies. They are cute for now, but lets see how I feel when they grow up - - free cats anyone!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Best Visiting Teacher Ever

My visiting teachers name is Judy, and she is definitly the best visiting teacher I have ever had. Her methods are not conventional, but that just makes it all the more fun. I never know when she is going to show up at my door, but I am always glad to see her when she comes - and she comes faithfully every month. This past Tuesday I was vacuuming my living room when I looked up and saw her at my door. I of course stoped and let her in so we could chat. Judy always brings me something when she comes and this month it was a bag of apples. We got to talking though and she mentioned that she had two bags full of sliced apples in her car ready to be made into applesauce. She said I could have them if I wanted. I responded that I didn't know how to make applesauce. Judy then jumped into action and said, "well let me teach you right now!" I didn't think she was serious, but she was. The next hour was an adventure not to be forgotten. We boiled, mashed, and ground apples (Judy went home and got this cool gadget that did most of the work for us) plus we got to hunt in my scary basement for jars and lids. When we were all done I had 10 jars of applesauce all thanks to Judy. Now that's what I call visiting teaching!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tag - I'm It

This is for you Kelltie

5 years ago. . .
I was living at the Ridge up in Rexburg going to BYU-Idaho with my two best buddies. When I wasn't at the library (my second home), or in class (I think I had 20 credits) I was doing fun things like taking everything out of my friends room and hiding it in various places all over the house.

5 things on my to do list:
Get Christmas card pictures printed at Sams
Have my mom help me sew a super hero cape
Get June to take a nap
Cook dinner
Go to mutual

5 snacks I enjoy:
Fruit snacks
my mom's cookies
licorice rope
ice cream

5 places I'v lived:
Provo, UT
Evanston, WY
Phoenix, AZ
Idaho Falls, ID
Rexburg, ID

5 jobs I'v had:
Souvener girl for the I.F. Padres (minor league baseball)
City Park lawn mower (my most favorite job ever)
Little leage baseball Ump
Melaleuca R&D

5 things I'd do if I won the lottery:
Build a new house
Buy a new car
Go on vacation with my family
Buy land
Save and invest

If anybody wants to do this tag - feel free!