Friday, August 27, 2010


I can hardly stand it that my baby girl is old enough to go to Preschool!!!

She had a wonderful first two days and is excited to go back for more!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sean's parents made the long journey from Idaho to come and visit us. Sean hadn't seen them since April, so he was excited to see them. I was just happy that I got to play hostess again and have guests stay at my house. We swam a lot in the pool and the kids loved having grandma and grandpa to play with. One day we took them on a tour of the area and showed them where Sean works. We also visited the Yuma State Prison which is a State Park now. My favorite activity was going to the Cardinals preseason game over in Glendale. The stadium is so cool and I just love football, so I was in heaven. We got great tickets on the 3rd row in the corner of the end zone. The game was pretty exciting for just a preseason game, and our row even won a contest where we all got $20 gift certificates to a motor sports store. We were able to get on the "jumbo-tron" too. I'm pretty sure that was just because our kids are so cute though. It was fun to have Kim and Julie with us and to spend a few days with them. Hopefully they can come down again before we leave in January.

These pictures are all mixed up and I don't know why, but here is the outside of the stadium. Here June is helping me make breakfast for grandma and grandpa one morning.

This is at the prison
June and Jack behind bars. I swear they are innocent!

Me and the kids after the game as we were leaving the stadium.