Friday, August 29, 2008

Fleeting Summer

Summer is most definitly on its way out, and it is making me a little sad. I love everything about Summer, so it is always hard to watch it leave. Although, I do love Fall so I guess I don't have to be too sad. Fall for me means FOOTBALL - from grid-kid all the way up to the pros - I love it all.

Well, since it has been a while since I posted I better update you all to what we have been doing. A few weeks ago June and I went on our final camping trip for the year with Sean's side of the family. We had a good time as usual. I had done June's hair in a mowhawk before we left, and it stayed that way for the whole trip.
June pushed this bunny around everywhere. It was her little baby. The bunny got very dirty.
And so did June. She has some lovely black lips in this shot. Where is her mother?????
Rose, June, and I went to Rexburg one day and played at the Spray Park. I think Rose and I had more fun, but June had a good time too.
We also watched a lot of Olympic coverage for two weeks in August- all I can say is "Way to go Michael Phelps." I must admit, I once wished I could be in the Olympics, but I am ok with just watching them now. They are better athletes than I could ever be.

Some of my cousins came to town, and it was fun to see them. Nick, Kambria, baby Augustus, Brooke, and her new fiance Matt were all on their way back up to Law School and they spent the night at my parents. I love when they come. Some of my best childhood memories are with these cousins. Ryan, Savannah, and their sweet girl came about a week later. June and Ryannah are the same age, so it was fun to watch them interact - lets just say that June is not a very good sharer.

I also read Breaking Dawn, the last of the Twilight books. I love those vampire stories, and I am very much looking forward to the movie coming out later this year.

Oh, and I can't forget about softball - Sean and I have been playing all Summer, and we just started a Fall league that plays twice a week. It is a lot of fun, and I think I am getting my old form back - I hit a triple last game!!! Ok, I have probably bored you all with my life stories, but I felt like I had some catching up to do.

Monday, August 11, 2008

On Top of the World

Since last summer, my family has been planning on hiking Table Rock on 8-8-08, and on Friday we all accomplished our goal. Our company of hikers was as follows: my mom and dad, Rose, Preston, two of Preston's friends, Uncle James, Auntie Em, J.T., Max, Sean, and myself. Our little June bug spent the day with my Grandma JoAnn. We ranged in age from 9 years old to 52, and every last one of us made it to the top. Table Rock isn't an extremely hard hike, but it is long and there are parts that are a bit challenging. Teton Creek comes cascading down the mountain and you have to cross it about four times on the trail. I thought it was great fun walking across the logs and rocks in order to get across to safety.
Below is the group that I hiked with most of the day - we all wanted to go a little faster than our parents.
We reached the top at around noon, and we were all excited to be at the summit. The last bit of the hike, the actual "table", is the hardest part because you are up so high that there is very little oxygen and that makes going even 10 yards seem difficult. You just have to take it slow, and you will be alright.
Some of us ventured even further after we go to the top and went over to a spot called Inspiration Point. When you look over the edge it is a sheer drop off into the valley right at the foot of the Grand Tetons. It is a little scary, but a totally killer view - well worth the extra effort.
I'd like to tell you that I wasn't sore the next day because I am in such amazing shape, but that would be an outright lie. My legs definitely let me know that there are muscles that I should consider using more often. I'm happy and proud of all of us for making - we even got official Table Rock medals to prove to everyone that we did indeed come off conqueror

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Green Thumb?

I am pleased to say, that our garden has been pretty successful this year. Last year it was a disaster - something about having a brand new baby distracted me from taking care of the garden. June loves the garden now, mostly eating the peas, but she helps me pull weeds too. It isn't very big, but we planted peas, two kinds of onions, carrots, radishes, pumpkins, watermelon, and some peppers. Our favorite are the peas and these first two pictures are of June picking her own peas.
I was picking some carrots the other day and to my surprise I pulled up a white carrot. Sean and I both tasted it, and it tasted just like a normal carrot, but we thought it was kinda bazaar so we took a picture.

These last two pictures are kind of random, but I liked them. The one above is of Sean and June licking the beaters after I was done making peanut butter bars. And the bottom one is of June sleeping in the car seat after a long day (I love that her arm is up like it is). She had been with grandma and grandpa while we went to Batman, and I guess she had played too hard with Rose. What a sweetheart!!