Monday, October 18, 2010

Disneyland 2010

Every 5 years my family plans a trip to Disneyland, and this year it was our first time visiting the park in October. It was a great time of year to go - not too hot, the crowds weren't as bad as in the Summer, and the park was decked out in Halloween decorations. June, Jack, and I drove over to Anaheim and met my mom, dad, Rose, Stuart, and Kathryn. Sean couldn't get off of work and Preston is serving his mission, so we didn't have everybody there. Those of us that were there had an amazing time and made lots of memories together. I just love Disneyland and think it truly is "the happiest place on Earth." I hope to be able to bring my sweet family back several times in the years to come.

This trip was extra special because we celebrated Roses 15th birthday as well. She got to wear a birthday button and all of the Disneyland workers told her happy birthday whenever they saw it. It was also my two kids very first time. They were both very good vacationers for being so young. June had her moments of being afraid of some of the rides and of the characters, but for the most part she had a fantastic time. Her is my girl going on one of her favorite rides - the Teacups! My mom and dad on the Mark Twain River Boat enjoying a caramel apple.

June crying when it came time to meet the princess's at the Fantasy Faire (she liked them from a distance, but they were just too scary for her up close).

Jack loving the slide at Goofy's backyard playground in ToonTown.
Stuart and Kathryn with June in front of the castle.

At the Pixar Parade I got the kids some balloons that they both loved.

Me and my kids sporting our new Disneyland shirts in front of Thunder Mountain.

On Tom Sawyer Island.

We love Disneyland and can't wait to go back again!