Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Still Alive

Since my last post much has happened. Too much to blog about everything, but I will try to post some more about the important stuff. Here is a very quick update.

After a few rough months of early pregnancy I feel much better and I am happy to report that we are having another baby GIRL in late September/early October. I am enjoying our new house, yard, and a few new "toys" - this piano being one of them (don't worry, it is no longer blue:)

Sorry this picture is sideways, but this little beauty just turned 4. I love this girl with everything I'm made of. June loves to play with her new friends here - especially the neighbors, she is a great big sister and is looking forward to "Happy Cakes" arrival in the Fall, she is in dance and likes to wear her dance clothes, she is very independent, she is the boss, she hates to get her hair brushed, she is a Sunbeam and loves her class, she wears skirts everyday, she is sassy, she rides her bike fast, she still loves to snuggle with mom, and she loves to sing. She has been my joy since before she was born and my life is wonderful because of her.

I just love this picture of my two kids. They really are the best of friends and that makes me so happy. My Jack will be two next month and he is my sweet boy. He can say everything and anything and is so very smart. His little grin melts me and I am head over heels in love with him.

Sean is happy to be working up in the North and not in the hot desert. He is glad to be living in a house again and to have a big yard to take care of. He recently refinished the above blue piano for me, and it is beautiful. I love him and I am lucky to have such a hard working and talented husband. Here he is with his twin brother and our newest niece Vera on her blessing day.


Lori Harris said...

Yay! You are still alive. I big congrats on your baby girl. How fun for you to have two girls!! You'll have to post about your piano redo. I love that kind of stuff.

Take care!!

Mattsmom said...

AWWW. Love the piano! You need to post refinished pics! It was AWESOME to hang last week. Get
n wait to see you again soon! I'll have to show Sadie that pic, because she talks about June pretty much every day!